Null Sec Rental Space

Does your corp dream of those null sec treasures? Do you long to live in null space? Didn’t know it was possible for you? Well, I’m here to tell you your dream can come true!

Razor Alliance has space available for you to rent in null security space. Prices are reasonable and you can’t beat the management!

If you desire more information, please contact MomTheDoge in game or join -RZR- Alliance in game channel.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Fly safe o7

Systems are currently available for rent! Hit me up!

Systems available! Get it while you can!

Systems available for rent! Let me know if you’re interested

Systems available to suit your needs. Let’s talk today!

Get your system now for February! Hit me up

Need some space to call your own? Hit me up!

I have open space just waiting for you!

Plenty of Space to go around! Hit me up for your new home!

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Space is currently available! Hit me up today! :slight_smile:

We have space open just for you! Contact MomTheDoge today!

Space is available for you! Contact me!

Space is now available!! Just give me a holler!

Rental space available just for you! Contact MomTheDoge for more information

More space to be had! Contact MomTheDoge today!

Rental space up for grabs! Holler at MomTheDoge for more info

Need some space to call home? Rent from us! Contact MomTheDoge today

Space for rent…contact MomTheDoge for details

Let us help you find your new home. Rent with Razor today! -MomTheDoge-

Systems are available! Ask me how to get started -MomTheDoge-