[RENT] Tribute


Trigger Happy. is offering the following rental system for space in Tribute.

We have a open corp in our rental alliance open for any nullsec player that wants to join and rat in nullsec. We have over 10 ratting systems you will have access to. The only “cost” is the corp tax which is configured at 10%. There are no other fees such as a monthly rental cost.

If you are interested in ratting in our space in Tribute then please apply to the corp “Triangle Of Three” (https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98618870/) in the Infinite Ticks Alliance. On joining the corp you will receive a welcome mail containing information such as the exact systems you can rat in and staging system.

All corp applications are accepted with no fuss.

If you would prefer the more traditional rental approach of renting a whole system out or have further questions then please do get in touch in game by mail or on discord: Kendarr #0653

Thank you.

We are still looking for renters to join us in Tribute. At the moment renting is free. get in touch if you are interested.

These guys are good pvpers and Kendarr is good people.

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Like everyone else in eve we just try our best and try to have fun. We now need help with ADM maintenance! haha

I guess renting is a thing again now blackout has lifted! If you are interested in renting for free in tribute please come and speak to me on discord Kendarr #0653


It seems there is a taste for renters after all!

Free rental! Hit me up.


We are still seeking renters.




I have updated the opening post with our new rental system.

new rental welcome

+1 for the name




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