[TRI] Triumvirate Offering Nullsec Systems for Rent in Cloud Ring

Triumvirate. alliance is now renting nullsec sovereignty systems and valuable moons through its partner Cohortes Triarii [SRVUS] alliance in the Cloud Ring region, conveniently located in northwest EVE close to Jita and multiple lowsec regions.

Our highly experienced leadership team previously managed professional rental programs covering multiple regions of nullsec space, and we are dedicated to building a productive business relationship together to help you achieve your corporation’s goals!

We offer a diverse selection of nullsec systems and moons for rent at low prices in a quiet corner of EVE, protected by active PVP alliances. Participate in our local market and support our industrial efforts while growing your corporation and your wallet!

Please review our public spreadsheet showing system availability and our rules/procedures here

Please join the “Tri.Rental” channel in game to speak to our approved contacts. We look forward to working with you!

What we Offer:

  • Secure nullsec systems with Serpentis NPCs, unique gas sites for exploration, and moons for mining
  • Jump Freighter Courier Services
  • Active rental managers to take care of your needs
  • No pvp participation requirements, and you are free to PVP in nearby neutral regions if you want to
  • Active regional intel channel, ansiplex jump network, and safe citadels around the region

Plenty of systems are still available, reserve yours now!

Plenty of systems are still available, reserve yours now!

Systems are still available

Systems are available

Systems are still available

We are still open and growing

We open and ready to partner with you!

systems are still available!

we are still open and available

we are open for business

We are ready to cooperate with you to help you reach your goals!

We are open and growing!

We are open for business

we are open and ready to serve your needs

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