[Trigger Happy] looking for new member corporations

Hello and thanks for reading this!

After a small change in alliance leadership and sorting some things out, Trigger Happy is currently opening doors again to new corporations. We are currently looking for:

  • 1 medium sized (~50 chars) EU TZ corporation.
  • 1 small sized (~25) US TZ corporation.
  • any sized AU TZ corporation.

We are a relative small, pvp alliance that like to form in every timezone without becoming the blob. We are perfectly fine with fighting outnumbered or having an equal sized brawl. Basically we just like to shoot things.

Who we are?
We are an alliance mostly existing out of fomer nullsec bloc players from Goons, PL, NC, Snuff and The Culture. We all came together to get away from the nullsec politics and blue donut and do our own thing. Which we are mildly succesful at. We are a consistent top 10 allaince on zkillboard for example.

We live in Tribute and try to find content close to home and far away. We are not affilated to any bloc and nor will we ever be. Our credo is ■■■■ Blues, Shoot Everyone Equally In The Face!

What we ask?
We are quite keen on pilots being able to fly our staple doctrines like nightmares, machariels and muninns. Besides that we expect you to have an alt with a dread. Supers and Titans are a bonus really :slight_smile:

If I peaked your interest, please contact me over Discord (Mark Artreides#1855). I am terrible at keeping up with forums and in-game mail so really do use Discord :slight_smile:


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