Trigger Happy. Is Seeking PvP Corporations

“Always An Utopian Alternative To Contemporary Society In New Eden.”

Trigger Happy. is a EUTZ Low Security Piracy PvP alliance.

Our primary goal is to enjoy the game by causing wrecks to appear in space. We take part in all PVP from Black Ops hot drops to frigate roams to Battleship fleet fights. Our content takes place in both nullsec and lowsec.

We are currently hyped for the upcoming faction warfare changes and the effect they will have on low security space. As such are prepping to “take part” :wink: in Faction Warfare. Currently we live in Minmatar Low Sec space.

We are not aiming to be the next big blob or the next big empire. We are aiming to make eve enjoyable, fun and to ensure our members can sustain themselves ISK wise in between PvP. Members are always our first focus.

We are currently seeking like minded corps that just want to play eve with a primary focus on PvP over PvE. We promise No Blues, No NIPS, No NAPS, No BLOB, No Empire.

If you are interested in joining our alliance and helping us build something new in New Eden they please contact Kendarr ingame or on discord Kendarr#0653

Thank you.

First day first post

frags daily!

We are still looking for any small lowsec corps that want to build something for fw\

come join trigger, shoot mans, be happy.

come join the feed.

more blobbers please

Lowsec best sec

lowsec for frags

ez frags ez life

Still searching for one more good corp :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

Sunday Funday



pvp time!!!

join up and shoot em up!

Still looking for a few good corps.

seeking corps

we are recruiting for FW and lowsec piracy!