Merciless System - Sov Null Indy and PvP

Welcome future Titans of Industry!

Merciless System is a proud member of Drone Walkers alliance, a member of the Legacy Coalition. We operate in the southern hemisphere of New Eden in the region of Impass.

As we grow, so do our profits and I want you to be a part of it. Building vast fleets of hulls and structures takes planning and many resources. But you choose whatever suits you, whether it be mining, exploration, manufacturing, R&D, or ratting. All that matters is that every individual is having fun and enjoying the game the way they want. On top of that it’s ALWAYS fun making tons of ISK!

We recently have started branching into PVP. One of our goals is to be an industrial corporation with teeth. There are numerous levels of PVP that we can offer to those interested. From small defense fleets to coalition sized strategic operations.

The obvious reward in Eve is player cooperation and coordination which is why we provide many incentives besides the camaraderie.

• Free BPCs
• Free Skill Books
• Free Ships
• Corporate Incentive Programs
• Ore Buyback
• Safe Ratting Space
• Tons of PVP Content
< and more >

• Teamspeak 3
• Discord
• Be Active
• Brief Interview and API Review

Find us in-game at our public channel MCSYS and don’t forget to grab your frothy beer and join our Discord server for chitchat or to speak to a recruiter! Now if you’ll excuse me, some chump is poking my mining fleet, so its time to reship and give him a pod express home! >:D <<<-------DISCORD LINK


Recruiting still open.

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

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