[MERCS] BLACKFLAG and VMG. - Mercenary Services [ BLACKFLAG.] [VMG]

DO NOT HIRE !!BOTH MEMBERS OF BLACKFLAG Blackflag is a not trust Worthy .When Merc that BREAK their own deals and scam their own alliance members :frowning:
"Luukje > he didnt tell me when i shot you
Luukje > he also scam me
Luukje > i didnt get money only loot
anabol Ejector > then where is my 4bill ?
Luukje > magi has it

Magistral > hi
anabol Ejector > yup
Magistral > how much ?
anabol Ejector > whats it going to cost me
Magistral > whici is… :slight_smile:
Magistral > ?
anabol Ejector > 1bfill to go on my way
Magistral > one sec
Magistral > 4 you can go
anabol Ejector > i got 3 bill to my name
Magistral > drop 1B in cargo then
Magistral > light stuff please
anabol Ejector > stop ■■■■■■■ shooting i will
Magistral > not shooting
anabol Ejector > there drained corp cash 4 bill
anabol Ejector > so that is how it is
Kill was fair my stupidity … The BS payoff scam shows the kinda of mercs the use BEWARE of them

Dude, Blackflag is literally doing what they got paid to do. Kill you. And you are naive enough to even pay them a little extra. Idk but I think BF did a great job there.

Top , as always

Join this legendary pirate organization and Sit on Jita undock 12 hours a day!

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Did we kill you?

We are in jita for downtime only. When under contract we head out as our KB shows.

Hire BF

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Hire BF…we farm salty tears.

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VMG is back!

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We are back in BF for a week. Hire.


And our other alliances!

Contact me in game.

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From high sec with love…

You still play the same game doing the same things for how many years now ?

It’s amazing :wink:

Like we keep telling CCP. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Same goes for the play style in Eve.

ur cahracter is kinda hot i aintgon lie she looking real nice

We are back in BF for a week. Hire.


And our other alliances!

Contact me in game.

We should have kept the Lemmings Thing.
Probably the funniest Time in Eve.

How are you ? All Good ?

Btw im still away from the Game

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How much to evict a small corp out of a system?

Context: Looking to remove a small pvp corp that has 4-5 active members in my TZ with multiple alts. The alliance they are in appears to have the same few people running all the corps. Only a few corps are pvp related.

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