[MERCS] BLACKFLAG and VMG. - Mercenary Services [ BLACKFLAG.] [VMG]

I don’t know what is in the request.

But how serious must somebody take a request from somebody that references himself in the 3rd person? The guys get a lot of troll mails as well.

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We are sure that the quotation request deadline is real.

If you are in contact with Blackflag members, wouldn’t you feel it would be only fair to allow Natural CloneKiller to submit quotation?

If Natural CloneKiller, wishes to seek your imput it is something Frostpacker won’t get involved with.

Only three (3) Pilots had received the request to quote and just three (3) will be needed.

/As there is far more at stake here than just suppling a simple quotation.

Frostpacker agrees It would be far more easy to not quote and still receive a win win rather than quoting and failing to deliver as after all Blackflag is a Mercenary Alliance.

If I may kindly request BLACKFLAG your quotation

Jan 15 unedited refer to first request above that was asked.

quotation request deadline is real.

Deadline was 14th Feb. Expired.

quotation for a job that had been too difficult and way too dangerous

This part we fully agree it would have caused major disruption and thank you for not quoting btw, it would had cost a few million isk at least.

Hello Dear Mercs. Just letting you know that I will dedicate my time alerting and personal messaging/convo all your WT’s in Jita triggering paranoia in them. Obviously, there will still be idiots who wont care, buy hey, even if 10% of my alerts will hit the spot, it will mean a 10% drop in kills for you. So have fun and see you in jita and around.

This had me laughing so hard. You really have no clue. Blackflag will war dec you themselves if you are a nice juicy pig. Oink! Oink!

The buthurt in this one is strong.

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Like your funny style :smiley:

We are without a doubt trying our best here though with the difficulty of the situation we are being left with egg on our face and it was a honest Mercenary Service Request evemail that Blackflag failed to deliver upon!

Can you cry more about me?

So more to the point who do we think this new forum alt is.
Its obviously some one who got squatted by BF.

Could be a butt hurt null block or low sec group who cant be assed to defend their loot freighters going to jita.

Its not really BF you should be mad with, its the people who hired them or why you made yourself a target to them.

Good thing you’re not in a SAW movie situation like, where your life might depend on your power of guessing and interpretation.

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Feel i would be the one to run into the creepy house to hide right now

Nah, it’s their publicity officer.

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Oh yes good point

Open for business in High Sec as always.

I approve of this message.

How does protection work? What is the cost of getting protection?

Th question you should be asking is what happens if you don’t.


Contact us in Game.

Open for business.