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We are WAR.

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Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

How to kill 343 ships in PVP Stormbringers.



Trying to get your (or anyone in BF’s attention). we had an arrangement until end of Jan 2022 that I have paid for. But BF has just war decced my corp. Can you please check your in game mail and get back to me?

I’m hoping its just an admin error :slight_smile:

If anyone is reading, it was just an admin error. All sorted now.

Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

I will do you one better.

Nice :slight_smile:

The difference however our structures survived. But what a chore removing drones with unlinked rapid light cerbs,

The guys got into a rhythm where they would just delete any new Tristan that came in as it landed and dropped drones.

The structure we were fighting on was “Saved” as we had been beating back repeated waves of tristians. It wasn’t until the moros was dropped that we began to lose again.

Strombringers are effective if you know how to use em. Our 7 killed approximated 300 tristans in roughly an hour or so of fighting. Was good times

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Love the strombringer and seeing people use them well done.
I have a alt maxed out on it just need the chance to use it , one day maybe .

Want someone dead, but bummed out that they’re hiding in a war-immune corporation or alliance?

Allow us to gank them for you!

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I guess that answers that…

War update: SL0W. Holding has left SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY
The war between BLACKFLAG. and SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY has been retracted by CONCORD because at least one of the involved parties has become ineligible for war declarations.


Sigh… Called it… I Have been doing this war thing for far to long.

Anyway, good fight I guess.

(Mercenary Alliance - PVP ONLY - HIGH SEC) We offer players PVP content constantly:

We do: Citadel, Attack, defence, protection, hunt and kill

We expect a team mentality - CTA and Alliance OPS - You should want to be there.

We offer a great gamining community

We fully SRP Logi and Alliance ops.

You can make ISK PVPing and we expect you to fly BLING just as we do.

Minimum of 60 mil SP, fly Rattlesnake, Machariel, Nighname, T3s, Logi - Guardians - Basi

Minimum Requirement of 2-3 Accounts: DPS and Logi. Logi toon needs to fly Guardian and basi

Our Services:

Hunt and Destroy.
War Declarations
War Assist
Citadel Attack and Defence
Protection Services

CONTACT: Natural CloneKiller OR Khromius

Contracted gank complete! Another happy customer!

Want to get rid of that pesky miner in “your” belt? Have an enemy that isn’t able to be war dec’d but you want him dead? We’re currently for hire to hit selective targets and locations!

Contact: Faylee Freir / Toxic Yaken via Eve Mail to line up someone’s destruction!

BLACKFLAG. Still available to shoot your targets, for a price of course. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will gladly provide a customized quote for our services.

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