[MERCS] BLACKFLAG. - Mercenary Services [ BLACKFLAG.]

I’ve never been more confused and offended in my whole life!

Shrug it off, Commander. Don’t let the bullies win.

That said, hire Blackflag! We are the cure to what ails you.

Imagine needing two posts to stay relevant

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Thanks for the free bump Saegar.

Hire BLACKFLAG. No job too small, no fee too big!

Still here to pew for pay! Contact us for summer discounts.

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Hi there, how many members do you have and how much is your protection services costs?

How much do you all charge?


Maybe reach out to us in game?

Emil Sebastian
Natural CloneKiller

I am the most active BlackFlag member on the forums. You can even reach out to me if you like and I will put you in contact with the guys.

I did. Lol :laughing:
I will reach out to you next if I don’t hear from you all. I messaged Natural Clonekiller & KHROMius

I have a job for you guys.

ok , i did.

According to my EVE mail you did not.

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Mail me directly to discuss if you are still in need of our services.

Morning, how much to protect a structure in high sec caldari space, only need limited protection against large war dec groups,

location and timers can be up to you.

Btw asking for a friend, mail me in game for any more info you need


What type of structure is it?

We have a set price when it comes to our services. If you want to choose when you want us to show up, than that’s up to you. We are more then willing to do the work for our clients

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I’ll mail you in game

So how does one join Black Flag? I’m getting bored of being nice, I want to smash some things.

Basically 3 things,

  1. Have a crap load of isk to be able to use our doctrines

  2. Have a logi alt

  3. Pass the interview with our dear leader Emil

P S if your a cat person that’s a plus lol

I need to protect a war decked Raitaru in HS. Who am I speaking to?