Messages link, repetitive actions

(Rain6637) #1

Heyyyyy so I can’t find my messages inbox easily. I have it bookmarked but I don’t know how I found it the first time.

A top-level new/unread link would be good too. I find myself clicking the EVE logo in the top left, landing at the forum directory, then clicking unread or new. Is it possible to have a direct unread / new link on the floating header?

As a way to reduce clicks. I just noticed there’s another route through the menu on the top right, but that requires a click too. It’s not so bad but considering the repetition I thought maybe it would be worthwhile.

I dunno what do you think


(Rain6637) #2

lol could we also have little click noises as we mouseover the topics list

I ask because I have the client open on one screen and this open on the other. Without thinking about it I ran the mouse over the new topics list to hear that sound effect.