How can I access my eve mails?

(Xayder) #1

Is there even a function like that on the new forums?

(DrMaddog) #2

Not tied into the forums however.

(Xayder) #3

that link doesnt work for me. But I guesse its the link to the old forums?

(yellow parasol) #4

it likely doesn’t work, because you’re not logged in.

it works for me.

(Zabruk Zateki) #5

I am logged in and can’t even find a link to messages/mail at all

(ISD Stall) #6

Eve gate will not be tied into these forums for a whole bunch of technical reasons. One being that it is out dated both in performance and ability.

Another reason is that these forums are kept as separate from the cluster as possible so that if the cluster goes down the forums won’t.

(yellow parasol) #7

try this direct link. it drops you to the login first.