Metal Guru's - Newbie friendly Metropolis Industrialists/Miners/WH Explorers

Our corporation is looking for everyone who wants to join a family-like group of friends, we do everything, PVP/PVE, Exploration and Mining. If you’re a new player, don’t worry, i’ve joined Guru’s myself as a lone wolf miner in a venture, our members have over 10 years of expirience so they can teach you a lot.

  • Industrial focused corporation - Refinery in Yrmori 0% tax for members (another refinery ready to build in lower security space)

  • Well financed - able to buy all of your findings and help you develop

  • We really care - Everyone here likes to talk and joke in the chat, we have a lot of friends from all around the galaxy and we help when you need us

  • We aim to expand - with more active members we’ll set up stations in lower security space

  • Free - We’ll never tell you to do something, but we’ll help you with your ideas, just say you wanna fleet up!

  • No Discord needed - unless you want to

If you are interested in joining, come say “Hi” on our chat channel - TREX

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