Method Incorporated LATE NIGHT US/EU/AU

[Method Inc ]

A revival of a very powerful, and respected Corporation.

Coming back in force with new and original crew
Experienced fleet commanders
Comprehensive PvP training programme
Intelligent planning and strategy
Healthy & positive culture
Logistics to help any major move
Plenty of guidance for those new to lowsec, nullsec or PvP
Well designed custom overview
VOIP Available
Plenty of Business opportunities
Catch Region

Remember folks, it’s Strictly Business.

Join the public channel Method Signup if you are interested in new business opportunities.

We are looking for pilots, not numbers. If you are tired of just being there, and not having any kind of influential force on your corporation Method Incorporated is for you.

Recruiters: Vespo Kapoy, Illiana Celes Calahar Alduin Recruitment: Open

We are recruiting!

Bump! Join us!

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