Mid-Grade Virtue Omega or AP-610 for optimal scanning results?

I currently have the Mid-Grade Virtue Aplha-Epsilon implants in slots 1-5.

In slot 6 however, I have the AP-610 implant (-10% scan deviation), instead of the Mid-Grade Virtue Omega.

Costs aside, which is more useful to have to scan a number of signatures as fast as possible? Mid-Grade Virtue Omega or AP-610?

From a logical perspective scan strength would make it easier to separate sig’s by % (greater precision) at 32 au so you can remove everything that isn’t in the range your searching for but scan deviation would make it easier to skip scaling au steps and still land inside, personally I like what you have currently instead of omega but I guess both have it’s benefit’s.

I usually start at 8 au on planets, and skip one scale everytime (8 -> 2 -> 0.5). So I guess for that AP-610 is better, right?

I haven’t tried the Grade virtue omega yet so can’t say 100% You might still be able to skip just fine with omega and still get better strength. Wish it was possible to unplug without destroying for testing purposes lol.

On many of the low and mid grade sets there are better options for slot 6 than the Omega implant, but I don’t think this is one of them. I don’t have personal experience with the Virtue set, but I’ve seen this question a few times and the consensus seems to be that the Omega is significantly better. The reason is that improved scan strength reduces maximum deviation at a given scale, while also getting the benefits of improved strength.

You should be able to do a double shrink on sigs with moderate scanning skills alone and good equipment (that’s what I’m currently doing). I would think virtue implants would allow you to do a triple shrink on many sigs (or so I’ve been told). That said, the biggest benefit of improved scan strength is being able to ID sigs at much higher scales so that you can either finish scanning them down or ignore them - that’s a huge time saver. The good scanners seem to be able to ID at about 4AU.

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go strenth all the way. Ideally you should identify 90% sigs at 2 au

If you want to identify each sig type, ditch the ones you don’t like and scan to 100% only the ones that interest you, go for the Omega. If you want to scan 100% all the sigs, go for the AP-610.

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