Mid Grade Virtue Set.... Worth it?

I’ve a character with max scanning skills, i was thinking of getting the mid grade Virtue set to enchance his scanning ability. Is the set worth it? I think in total it is about 1.5b

Also, do the Virtue sets drop, either as implants or BPCs anywhere? if so (assuming they are worth using) where do they drop from?

It saves you 1 or 2 scan cycles per signature (you can scan easy scan sigs with an 8 or even 16 au probe range, for instance), and allows you to scan things like Superior Sleeper Caches or Yurt depots at all.

They do not drop as loot as far as I remember. Instead, they are an exclusive LP Store item of the Servant Sisters of EVE.

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I can already scan those without the implants >.>

With scan modules or without? I have max scanning skills and I can’t scan a SSC or Yurt in my Legion with Sisters probes and launcher.

ok, thanks. I think ill pass on them then, I thought that you would be able to hit most sigs in 2 passes with them.

You could try them on Sisi and see how much they improve your scan experience before you buy them on TQ.

Without generally, i think some of my scanning frigs have grav caps but thats about it, can’t say i’ve had any issues unless i’m in an unbonused hull, what level do you have the subsystems skill at? and i’m assuming you’re using the covert sub

good idea, ill do that

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