Did scanning sigs become harder?

It seems to me the difficulty of scanning signatures became slightly harder since february patch.

Anybody have thoughts on this ?

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Haven’t noticed any change.

Considering what it was like over the years its so damn easy right now it makes me cry :slight_smile:
I still think random message logs drops were the best part of explorer life though, its a shame theyre gone.


Nor me. Are you on a clone with different implants?

I did notice a change although only on Stratios and DED’s. I haven’t noticed any change when combat probing with a bomber.

No idea what it’s tied to but that’s not the first time it happens. I’ve already noticed it few times in the past.

With perfect skills and no implant, on a covert ops with 3 arrays, 139(IIRC) probe strength, sometimes I need to get to 0.25 AU to scan a relic site in HS.
Before, I never had to.

Alpha on T1 frig with max possible skills using basic launcher can find (and hack) all stadard data/relics in high sec in my experience.

Had an awkward scan with a new char and core probes/launcher. It should be that hard at the lowest level.

Sorry for being late but I did notice the same thing. Last November I finally trained the last probing skills to level 5 and at this point, all my probing became more difficult.
The skill was the pinpointing rank 8 one. My Buzzard should be a beast in probing now but it feels like I lost all my skills instead.

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