Add new skill to improve combat probing speed and accuracy

Honestly the combat probing right now is pathetically slow, we should be able to scan down ship much faster than we do now. At the moment anyone can literally get away well before your probes hit. You probe wait 5 seconds, then probe again wait… yawn…

just add a couple more ‘advanced’ or ‘elite’ skills to improve speed and accuracy

try using scan acquisition array and AQ-7 implant

I wouldn’t object to advanced scanning skills being introduced.

I do a LOT of probing, both wormhole chain probing and combat probing. Speeding things up would be welcome.

EDIT: i tend to use a max skills Virtue Buzzard for the task.

Did I miss a change? Yesterday I completely scanned/bookmarked some WHs and had the feeling it was slower than usual to get 100% results, but I thought I just was out of shape from being lazy the last weeks. Was it me or did they nerf something and I missed the memo?

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