New module for faster hunting


I play EVE for some years now, always leave, always come back. My suggestion is a new module, well two of them.

For me one of the best of pvp is hunting down others. I never really liked just camping, but i liked to hunt targets that are not waiting for combat at a gate, but are in missions or in other activities around the system. But my problem is that i find combat scanning extremely time consuming, its slow irritating for me. I do it but if my target finished his job there or just noticed my probes he just fly away and all i can do is to start again with another target and maybe repeat the process.

All I suggest is to make it much more FASTER without giving a disadvatage to the target. How?

A new module should do the scanning part in a second upon activation. You jump in to the system you want to hunt, use the module and the module will display you the following:
each shiip which is piloted and not piloted, marked if it has a capsuleer inside
type of ship
warp button

if you press warp, you obviously warp to your target. But!! The target should not have a disadvantage compared to the current mechanich. in the new mechanic the incoming ship would have a few seconds in his favor compared to the old one where others could see the combat probes before correct pinpointing, so this new modul could give a slightly slower warp speed when used only, or even forbidden for frigates at all

so… when you press the warp button to the target from that module’s window, at that moment on the target’s screen in the d-scan window or somewhere just in the screen there should be a colorful warning text flash up, saying “incoming”. so, the target would be aware of the coming danger just as he would regularly check his dscan. if he doesnt pay attention he would die anyway in both mechanic

iam not sure in the next one, but there could be a second modul as well for the target ship. a defensive one which purpose is to give a warning with sounds etc about the incoming ship, so its more easier to realize the cmoing enemy even if we are at the other part of the room, maybe even give more align time bonus for the target ship (not always, but only when the module signed theres incoming enemy)

why not just combat scan target from outside their range of dscan? Virtue set is there for a reason, T3c can also refit in space from cloaky-scanning to combat and warp on top of the target fully prepared.

Lmao no


Why not make the module instantly destroy all ratter ships in space and pod the pilots? If we’re going to ask for stupid unbalanced crap might as well go all-out.

You obviously suck at scanning and hunting in general, just find some anomaly and wait for someone to come to you. Everyone thinks they are the hunter, FFS in EVE there is no hunter…its just a pool of piranha’s that haven’t been fed with blood in the water. F**** auto-warp I-WIN! button, is a stupid idea as it would give you a huge tactical advantage since its just point/web/F1 and orbit that quickly…your odds of winning would be closer to 90% every time.

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