Scanning is a large part of the game, but requires too many clicks. Scanning should be one click, with probes that pulse and reveal portions of a system every 1-2 seconds, up to 10 seconds.

Actually when probes are deployed they should act like the scanners on the Military Subs or ships and even the planes, rotating at 1 revolution per 30 second, and refreshing as the line rotates. Make it like the real deal yup

No, I don’t support this idea. I like scanning the way it is, and it’s far easier than it used to be.


You don’t know how scanning was in the past , you had to deploy and arrange manually each probe to form a pattern.

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How do you think all the current interactions for scanning fit within your vision of scanning? Scan deviation, scan speed, scan strength, combat probing moving targets at the right time?

I’m not opposed to improvements to the game, but in my experience with scanning (as explorer and combat prober) I don’t see any issues with scanning that your idea would solve.

I love the current scanning system. It supports so many uses of Probes and rewards practice and use in combination with dscan

You can go nuts with ship fits and implants to get really powerful system wide fast scans. Or you can just plunk a probe launcher on a t3d and have your probes previously placed on a battlefield. And on and on with the examples.

Just making it easier would make it less fun.

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I’m not against making controls easier, but I wouldn’t want any simplification of the current scanning process. All the parts have a purpose.

These hotkeys help me go faster. Scan like crazy!! o7
2021-07-14 09_19_26-EVE

(They’re on the combat tab under shortcuts.)


Yep, I would recommend anyone who regularly scans to bind those hotkeys.

Hi Moriar,

This is helpful, I will try this today.

That said, it’s also my opinion that any modern or advanced technology for scanning would be more automated then what we use in the game. To me it does not seem very realistic and could be more streamlined. Faster scanning could also allow for faster gameplay and more interactions.


There may be some player clicks but those clicks allow player “know how” to play a part in.

E.g. some players will centre on the sig at 8AU. Others that know better centre on the celestial nearest the sig and scan at 4AU.

Knowing how to get the bests result from positioning when you get a split scan/orbiting scan or single probe scan etc

So when there are events on and people are racing to event data sites game knowledge plays a part on top of skills. This proposed change gets rid of all that which in my book makes scanning significantly worse. Sorry.

I like the current scanning system as well, especially D-scan. The probes just requite too many clicks to me. I enjoy that Eve continues to be complex, but at the same time, I believe speeding up the probing process could improve game play, exploration, interactions…

this just adds to the steep learning curve and discourages new players. I’m in favor of improvements that makes things easier for new players and promotes faster game play. Sorry.

This is maybe fine to put to D-scan

Currently probe-scanning have really good mechanics that scales greatly with both character and player skills.

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When you are combat scanning, or in WH trying to control the system, the player skill becomes a real factor.

Knowing all the scan difficulties, having preset probe formations, all the experience using the scanner, everything comes into play and factions of a second are very relevant.

Is my fleet going to land on the new WH after the enemy? Is my fleet going to land at 20km or 50km from that Ball o’ Muninns?

I’m all for new players having fulfilling experiences, but you gotta have advanced mechanics that keep it interesting for experienced players as well.

The scanning systems are great examples of a good system that scales well with SP and player experience.


What Advenat said!

Basically what you are saying is it only works well for experienced players. lol
Good job!

Then put in some effort and become experienced at scanning too!

Not all experienced players know how to scan well. And a newbie who barely has any scanning SP may quickly gets lots of experience if they spend time practicing their scanning.

C’mon. That’s not what we’re saying. New players can find Cosmic Signatures and ships, it’s just a bit slower because they have less SP and less experience. Every game has some sort of level up system.

Just practice the scanning and train the skills and I think you’ll appreciate the system more.

Ok, fair point…

Send me the help file that covers this “E.g. some players will centre on the sig at 8AU. Others that know better centre on the celestial nearest the sig and scan at 4AU.”