Exactly! That’s why I said it’s far easier than it used to be.

I first played EVE in 2006, and much has improved since then.

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There’s nothing wrong with a system that scales with SP, and the current system for scanning does work. It just takes to many clicks and it’s frustrating moving the small bar on the bottom. I don’t expect you to agree with me, I’m offering my personal feedback as an individual player. It’s fine if you are not interested or agree, it was not intended for you :slight_smile:

I laugh at all you old players as the player base count continues to drop. Good job! :slight_smile:

Why you so angry? We’re talking about why we like it. You’re talking about how it’s frustrating for new players.

Hotkeys will solve your slider problem, as I said in a previous post. Try it out. The skidders are annoying to use. But hotkeys totally fixes that.

That’s a good read regarding exactly how it works. I don’t know if you’re Alpha or if you already know this stuff. Not trying to be insulting. I just don’t know what you know.

Looks like next 2 advises are secrets :slight_smile:. I newer seen them in tutorial videos but them help a lot.

  1. You don’t have to be extra precise in your probes location.
  2. Doubleclick on the system map and see what will happen.

Keyboard shortcuts

PS Ingame scanning tutorial don’t exists but it takes ~10-20min + discord screen share to teach newbie to scan more or less fast.

I’m glad we agree there is an issue here. It shouldn’t take “hotkeys”, or ~10-20min + discord screen share to teach new newbies to scan more or less fast.", and formal documentation doesn’t exist.

the feedback is valid, and a few small quality of life improvements in the area of probe scanning could really make a big difference for new players.

Thank you for validating the point - again. LOL

Sorry we couldn’t help you. I mean, why not even try the hotkeys. Oh well. Fly Safe. o7

The quality of life is already there. The only thing that maybe is missing is that the game doesn’t tell new players exactly what to do and that those new players either have to find out themselves, have to hear it from others ingame or have to hear it elsewhere like on the forums.

If you bind your keys for probe size and use doubleclick in the probe scanning window to turn it around you’ll notice how much faster you can scan.

Yet another new player asking for an instant gratification mechanic. Imagine that…


It’s not that the system doesn’t tell a new player what to do. It’s that the system is scaled really well as is.

In the current system you dont need to know anything other than the sig is red and you centre your probes on it , scan and repeat. That will work.

The beauty of the system is that there are things to learn (look at Eve University, Youtube, people in your corp where you will learn tones of tricks that reduce the amount of scans it takes to get a result).

Also Im not an old player. My toon is just over a year old and Ive only been doing exploration for around 4 months. But ive taken the time to watch videos and learn. Literally 1 hour on Youtube and you will know everything i know. Yet the solution is to overhaul the entire system into one where player knowledge means NOTHING and all sigs can be scanned by pushing 1 button and going AFK. Why should your laziness cancel out the effort other players have put in to learn a system and be better.

If you were to take up golf would you suggest that instead of using a club and having to hit a ball 3 or 4 times that you should just be able to drop the ball next to the hole and hit it once?


It’s actually pretty damn fast if you think about the way the target is acquired.

probe formations that you can move all 8 probes at once? revolutionary!

double clicking to rotate the system map 90 degrees? REVOLUTIONARY!

Click a signature once to centre the solar system map on it? RE_VO_LU_TION_ARY!

Honestly, it couldn’t really be much quicker than it is now. And it’s SUPPOSED to be a little time consuming to give the target chance to realise they’re being scanned.

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