Faction scanning modules

Wouldn’t it be nice if faction scanning modules existed? :slight_smile: Not as good as T2, but better than T1 - to span the gap between a T1 module and the T2, which are each about 20-30d trains (almost 3 months training time in total for what is frankly a very minor bonus on everything except for a purely focused virtue-clone T3 scanner).


I think you mean meta. Faction are above t2.

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Sure. Or storyline/special edition like the frostline etc. Anything other than the status quo. ATM we literally only have two choices: T1 and T2. And T2 is a 3 month train for all 3 of the scanning mods.

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Do remember you get the skill bonuses themselves also. the skills don’t just give module access.
But no complaints about other variants.


I wouldn’t mind SOE faction scanner modules personally, either with better bonus or easier fitting, or maybe both like the probe launcher.
Or even a SOE combined scan array that gives a bonus to all 3 stats. T2 fitting but slightly weaker maybe?

meta should be slightly better than T1, typically compact version with reduced usage.
Faction (SOE) version should be better than T2 AND lower fitting, but also MUCH more expensive. I think the price should be the same as for sister probe launchers.

scan rangefiding :

  • M0 should be 30 CPU, +5% str,
  • compact should be 25 CPU, +7% str
  • T2 should be 30 CPU, +10% str
  • faction should be 25 CPU, +12% str

scan pinpointing/acquisition : same CPU as above, deviation/duration reductions should be

  • M0 : -10%
  • compact : -14%
  • T2 : -20%
  • faction : -25%

each item should be available in the soe lp store for the same requirements than the sisters’ core probe launcher.

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The combo item should be in the group of “acquisition array” so as to not allow several “acquisition” effects.
It’s strength should be the same as T2 except scan duration, for the same CPU cost as a T2 module : 30 CPU, +10% scanner str, -14% duration and -20% deviation.

It should be available exactly as the “zeugma” is, except it should need 200 high-tech data chips, 50 high-tech scanners, 50 high-tech manufacturing tools, and one of the three arrays version T2, to build.

Yes, give competent explorers the option to scan faster and their hunters the chance to make more ISK.

I like the idea.

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It’s just an afterthought, but if the combined array is considered to be too OP, then maybe we could limit it’s access, by only making it available in Thera.

hu ? why ? zeugma is already 200M? per item. For this price you expect it to be kinda op. I chose more item to make it worth more for the items that are asked more, compared to zeugma. This would make data sites more interesting.

Also I fail to see a reason to make it available only in Thera. That would not change its OPness.

Ever tried out a Virtue set?

Yes, it would!

Just an idea to make it more difficult to obtain without making it an RNG drop.
Somehow I like the idea that SOE would only give it’s best equipment to the people who can find their home base. It’s not too difficult, but it still requires some skill to get there, and then get out with the loot.

I like the numbers :slight_smile: seems pretty reasonable tbh.

As for price and sources - what if they were available as BPCs from pirate data sites? As a practical side-effect it would help fix data sites which are currently pretty underwhelming vs. pirate relics, and it would kind of make sense since POS BPCs were removed from data sites and never replaced with anything (but of course they’d have to be pirate mods then and not SOE).

This is a nice idea mate, thanks for posting

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<3 It got immediately deleted by the mods on r/eve - and here I always though the forums were the salt mine.

It has always seemed so strange to me that faction scanning mods do not exist in game, or even meta scanning mods for that matter.

Just like zeugma. If it shares the items required by zeugma, you can set its price to ±300M, and zeugma would take a nice +100% value too (350M)

I make regression from other M0-M1-T2-faction modules ^^.
M0-M1 is +25% of M0-M2 and M1-F is +150% of M0-T2
compact reduction is circa -14%

the “combo” array would indeed increase the value of data. However I think using LP store for most items would prevent making them unusable because too expensive.
I think “exotic” OP items only should be available from data, and I think using the same items as the zeugma, but with variation in quantities, would make the items required more interesting, especially the one it asks the most (which is, the cheapest one ATM)

If we made all items available from data sites, and they shared the same limited resources to build, a few ones would be the most interesting to build , and the other ones would have no use because too expansive.

Devs need to complete tiericide first.

Id like to see random SOE agents appear in wh space on occasion, maybe a new type of sig with several different scenarios that could be played out depending on your choices but something a bit different to kind of bring soe a bit more to life and wh’s something different and ongoing, more for fun than loot; not that it shouldnt have differing rewards probably randomised.

I would like to see the devs focus on completing tiericide for existing modules before investing time in developing new ones but, if they decide there is a need for new meta modules, they should be player built using named components - not loot drops.

This isn’t a tiericide or agent thread really, both are only peripherally related to the topic - just a suggestion fir a module that should exist but does not. But on tiericide, I have bad news lmao

We’ve been waiting 5 years…it’s time to stop holding your breath :stuck_out_tongue:

But CCP just anounced … :frowning: