TFW T2 is operationally superior to all but one faction/officer variant

I made a peculiar observation earlier today :mag:. This isn’t an entertaining or life-changing post, so feel free to move on with your day.

As most of you are aware, some faction/deadspace/officer modules are broken up into “series” that emphasize different bonuses; for example, Giisti/Domination/Republic shield boosters emphasize lower CPU and cap efficiency while Pithi/Caldari/Dread/Guristas shield boosters emphasize higher repair amount. Higher tiered non-covert cloaks are also broken down into two series: one that favors lower sensor recalibration time, and one that has a reduced scan resolution and speed penalty. I was surprised to find, however, that this division only occurs between T2/storyline vs faction/officer variants. In other words, faction/officer modules don’t have this division within themselves. Let me show you:

Lower Sensor Recalibration Time Lower Scan Resolution/Speed Penalty
T2 (:star:20s/ -40% / -75%), cheaply manufactured Caldari/Gurista (25s / -35% / -72.5%), LP store + BP drop???
‘Guise’ (19s / -35% / -75%), one-time COSMOS??? Kaikka (23.8s / -31.75% / -71.12%) - Worst Officer
Syndicate (18s / -30% / -90%), 90 day-repeat epic arc
Estamel’s (:star:20s / -22% / -67%) - Best Officer

Parentheses indicate sensor recalibration, scan resolution penalty, and speed penalty. CONCORD cloak has identical stats to one of the officer cloaks.

In the above table, it is immediately apparent that the cheapest and most readily available non-covert cloak has a lower sensor recalibration time than each and every single faction and officer cloak (with the exception of the best, which matches). This means that if your objective is to minimize recalibration time and the speed/scan resolution penalty isn’t as much of a concern (eg. Carriers + Networked Sensor Array), you might find yourself better off with T2 over faction/officer. If I had to guess, I’d say CCP intentionally bottlenecked the availability of higher-tiered lower-recalibration non-covert cloaks so as to not make certain ships overpowered. Still, I find this interesting.

T2 ≥ Faction/Officer???


P.S. if you found this post to be a waste of your time, here is a picture of some kittens to make up for it

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T2 is all I can ever afford. Who cares about all those dumb gold plated modules anyway?

just means it’s another thing that CCP will have to do a balance pass on with their slow teiricide

I don’t think this was an oversight, I actually think this was a conscientious design decision on their part. But yeah, it wouldn’t be hard to split down the middle if they wanted to, move some entries over to the left side.

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