Covert Ops Cloaking Device - Sensor Recalibration Time

Im about to train Cloaking V, though im unsure about ticks mechanics around recalibration time. I know that with align you need under 2.00 for insta-align. Yes, i tried to find a related topic, yet not luck so far. (Mabye im bad at googling stuff :stuck_out_tongue: )

So the question is:
With Cloaking V is there any difference in locking delay (SRT) between CovOps cloak II and ‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloaking Device I?
Does it mean that regular cloak starts lock after 6th tick (5s SRT) and smokescreen after 5th tick (4,5s SRT)?

I would guess that you’re right that the smokescreen allows locking a tick faster than the regular covops cloak. Not sure though, but it makes sense with the tick mechanics of EVE in mind.

I’m not sure how this works together with the lock time itself, as that too can take a couple of seconds after the sensor recalibration time. If you have a 3.4s lock time on a certain target and a 4.5s sensor recalibration time, would you have lock after 7.9s = 8 ticks? Or would you have lock after 4.5s → 5s sensor recalibration time and 3.4s → 4s lock time, in other words, after 9 ticks?

I’d be interested to hear if someone knows more about this. :smiley:

By the way, if you’re looking to reduce sensor recalibration time, you could try the Targeting Systems Stabilizer rigs. They’re much cheaper than the ‘Smokescreen’ cloak.


Im min-maxing fit, and im aware of rigs, but thank you for recommendation :slight_smile:

that has been debated in the past but I am on this side…
Below 2.00s is impossible to catch. Even though you can get tackle to lock in less than 1s for example.
I always took ships with below 2.00s through tama, heydilies, kinakka and many other heavily camped systems and never lost a single one.

Only once I got a little unlucky when there was a brief server lag (micro lag) and the gatecamping interceptor got a yellow box on me, but didnt manage to tackle me in time.

Yes there is.
I hope I can clearify :

Covert Ops Cloak II @ LVL5 Cloaking = 5s SRT
Smokescreen II @ LVL5 Cloaking = 4.5s SRT
Covert Ops Cloak II @ LVL4 Cloaking = 6s SRT
Smokescreen II @ LVL4 Cloaking = 5.4s SRT

etc. etc.

SRT is also added on top of actual locktime
For example :
5s to lock a target + 6s SRT = 11s lock tme.

So why is 2.00 “instawarping” but 0.5s on SRT matter ?
What is often not taken into account is the human behind the screen, internet connections etc.

When gatecamping people still have to click on the overview. Click lock and activate the module (module activation tends to lag a little sometimes). So even if the ship could log you in lets say 0.8 seconds. Below 2.00s is usualy a safe bet.

The ticks always get balanced to the second.
More on that here : Server tick - EVE University Wiki

Hope it helps but please take with a grain of salt as I have no hard facts to back my statements, other than the stats posted above :slight_smile:

Yes, but does the game start locking only after a tick in which sensor recalibration time has ended? In other words, does it round in between the calculations?
Or would the game allow targeting to start immediately after sensor recalibration ended client side, only to verify that the timings are correct at the moment of the tick? In other words, no rounding to whole ticks halfway the calculations.

The SRT and lock time in your example are whole numbers, but usually they aren’t, so it is interesting to know whether SRT and lock time can be added and rounded to the next tick at the end, or whether SRT needs to be rounded to the next tick and then lock time needs to be rounded to the next tick. In the second case you often get another second before you can lock a ship.

I’d really like to know how the game handles this as it impacts fitting choices.

Just so you know, below 2s is really hard to catch, but not impossible. With high enough scan resolution (from remote sensor boosters) and low latency to the server it is possible to catch ships that align within 2s. I’ve been on the receiving end of that.

If you want to be ‘impossible to catch’, try an align time below 1s. Jackdaw or Hecate in propulsion mode can reach that with the right modules and implants.

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately you answered anything but the main question.
Im askin whether does the SRT uses ticks or whether you can start locking after SRT inbetween the ticks.
In other words by example:
If SRT is 4.5s
Locktime would be 3.2s
And you would decloak 0.1s after tick
Negate human factor and internet connection, just pure mechanics
When would you lock your target? In 7.8s (On 8th tick) Or otherwise? If so, when? :slight_smile:

I am sorry I didn’t manage to give a good answer :frowning:

I am reasonably sure that the tick will get rounded 7.8s = 8s

There is always a chance that some of the Ladies and Gents on Volcano Island may help out :slight_smile:


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This is a fairly complicated question! Given my understanding of destiny ticks, the way this would go is the following: (disregarding latency for the moment)

  • Ship decloaks, SRT timer started
  • During the timer, whenever you send a lock request the server looks at it and says “no, can’t do this yet” and notifies you of this fact on the next tick (you can see this yourself by spamming lock requests on a thing during SRT and watch the notification flash once per second, at the tick rate)
  • After 4.5 seconds the server now knows that it can accept new lock requests, it queues a task to notify the client of this on the next tick, but you can still send the command in earlier and it will accept it
  • Assuming you get a command into the queue immediately to begin locking then the locking process will start immediately and run for its duration, in this case 3.2s, notifying your client of a successful lock after 4 ticks (however you receive a packet asap notifying you that locking has started)

So in a sense this stuff isn’t necessarily dragged out to longer lengths because of the ticks - that’s just when you are notified of things happening. However add in latency and human reaction times and this will likely be slightly longer - and then if you’re looking to scram the target there’s some more complicated work to be done in terms of assessing your target’s warp versus when your scram activates.

Exactly how server / destiny ticks work is a bit more complicated. If you want to dig into the mechanics, this article [Understanding EVE Online Server Tick] is based off of a talk CCP Veritas gave some time ago in which he explained the system in more detail.

Disclaimer: this isn’t something I’ve played with on the code side all that much, but not everything is rounded up to the next tick (exactly)


Thank you! @CCP_Aurora :partying_face:


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