Time to decloak and target

I was doing some belt ratting in low sec and had a ship decloak and appear on grid 14 km away. I was surprised that I escaped. The Executioner I was flying has an align time of 2.47 s.

I had seen him come on local, and saw the sisters probes deployed in dscan, so I knew he was coming. I figured I would push it and see what happened, so I continued to salvage while I covered my hot key for warp.

If I see someone on grid with me, how much time do I have before I am targeted and scrammed. I know there is a sensor calibration delay and targeting delay on decloak. Total about 7 seconds? Thanks.

only a couple of ships can start targeting immediately after decloaking like the Stealth Bombers, others may have a 5 (or 6) seconds delay or upto 30sec, so with your align time you should be able to escape almost every single time assuming ofc that you promptly response to it.


Thanks. What kind off align time max could I get away with. I currently have mods in place to increase my align time. I would like to replace them for more armour if possible. ( I know about and understand ticks)

just below 3 seconds seems to be the best bet, due to server “ticks” even if you have 2.5 second align it will still take 3 sec to align.

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Thanks I guess the inertial stabilizer stays.

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Speed and agility is very underrated. Cloakies can pick and choose their targets, so adding more tank is not the correct option to increase survivability against cloakies imo. The best trick is to not get caught in the first place.

If the cloaky decloaks and wants to fight you, odds are not in your favour. You’re fighting on their terms. Speed and agility are your friends!


Stealth Bombers and Black Ops are the ships that actually have no targeting delay after cloaking device deactivation. Not sure if there are others. Not that common a ship bonus though.

Any ship that doesn’t have the “No targeting delay after cloaking device deactivation” ship bonus (check “show info”), has a delay based on the cloaking skill.


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