Covert Ops Cloak and Docking/Jumping

In the patch notes for the Invasion expansion it said When docking, visual cloak effect now runs to completion. I am curious about exactly what is happening during that process. Am I sitting in space, waiting for my cloaking timer to count down? That is the impression that I get, but I haven’t tested it. I have the same issue when I am approaching a jump gate - if I am not cloaked then I seem to be able to just immediately after coming out of warp - but if I warp cloaked to the gate then I seem to just sit there for the 5 seconds while the cloak reactivation delay counts down. I have not seen this mentioned by anyone else, so perhaps my session change begins before I fully decloak and the display is purely cosmetic.

If I warp cloaked then the smartbombing macharials won’t be able to see me on d-scan, which is nice. But if I land next to the gate and sit there for five seconds before jumping then I’m not sure the cloak helps me. I could go test this myself, but I am curious if anyone already knows the answer.

You always should decloak shortly before you land on a gate to jump.

Else it may happen you land >2000m off the gate keeping cloaked and unable to jump, instead the ship starts slow boating to the gate until decloak, then jump clearance has to initiate again, which all may take quite long.

The visual effect are always cosmetic.


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