Gate to Ship Cloak transition - What does an enemy see?

I see the cool visual effect when I cloak my Stratios, it’s the same effect I see with the gate cloak when you first warp in. When the gate cloak expires I can activate my ship cloak, and the visual cloak effect will start before the visual uncloak from the gate has finished, but what is really being seen? Does the cloak affect actually start upon activation, or does it start at the end of the visual effect?

I hope I expressed that well enough, but I was trying to figure out the actual window of visibility between the gate and ship cloak.

Cloaking starts at activation.

The effect is just a graphics animation sequence. It’s not determining the mechanics. The animation itself hasn’t been in the game all that long and was added just purely for the immersion and visual effect.

However on the server, when the cloak module activation is processed, you are cloaked at that point, regardless of what the animation is doing.


Thanks Scipio, I wanted to be able to separate the eye candy from the actual mechanics!

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