Quality of Life : Change cloaking visual effect for cloaking ship skins

Ships skins does not get displayed for cloaked ships due to the high transparency setting.

-Change the transparency setting to translucent / high opacity so that the ships are still slightly see through and skins are displayed instead of completely hidden.

-Have the effect only be visible to self and fleet members.

-Other players will still see nothing.

This takes away the realism of being cloaked, which means you can’t see it at all. You get your SKIN back when you’re done cloaking, you can wait…

Fleeting up should not change player interaction at all whatsoever outside of shared looting. There are simultaneously security risks with players visibly knowing each other’s location while cloaked with this knowledge, and this knowledge can also be OP in other circumstances (do we really want to make fleet cloaking more OP than cloaks already are?) when used against other players when staging ambushes. Ignorance is best. This is not a QoL change, this is meta-breaking.

Do you really even take the time to think of actual QoL changes, or just stuff that YOU want to see impacted for YOUR game.

please stop wasting time with all this drivel.

I wouldn’t oppose a tweak to the transparency mechanics behind how you perceive your own cloaked ship in space. I don’t think it’s necessary, but it’s purely a display thing so it wouldn’t break any other game mechanics.

Hard no to other players, even fleet members, being able to “see” cloaked ships in space. Way too many things could go wrong with that.