Better cloaked indication

Right now all we have is a glowing module outline and it’s difficult to see with all the bright backgrounds and items, can we have a better indication of being cloaked on the HUD?


the fact that your ship is invisible isn’t enough of an indication?..


Maybe we’re zoomed out or looking at something else, such as a Wormhole


Ignoring that you’re apparently one out of a million people who are having issues with something apparently no one else has, I must ask:

How hard can it possibly be for you to remember that you’re cloaked? You pressed the button, you need to remember you’ve pressed the button. How can you not possibly know when you’re cloaked?

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I agree with the OP. It is hard to tell. I think that is a game design choice - cloaking has a lot of powerful advantages. One of the slight concessions CCP was able to make was to make the cloaking indicator really hard to read, so if you are accidentally uncloaked by something you probably won’t realize it right away.


yeah this should totally be a priority, forget about the fact 20 percent of people cant logon or have chat…

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Amazingly ui designers don’t solve network issues.
OP is right, it isn’t super clear especially in some nebula.
And game difficulty shouldn’t come from fighting the UI


yeah, the fact the entire ship is transparent is a horrible indication. Maybe we should have the entire ship red flashing at 1sec pulses with a siren going of.

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Troll. Troll. Troll.

And how wide a range of zoom do we have vs how wide a range you can clearly see the ship again?

not a troll, simply pointing out that it’s pretty damn clear that it is cloaked. Sounds like operator error to me.

Given how it is normal for fleet mates to tell you that you have uncloaked because it isn’t immediately obvious to the person who has uncloaked would suggest maybe we can do better here.

Not every cloaker is on grid with buddies.


yea I have to agree with OP, the slow-flash dim green border is not very good indicator, especially against any high brightness background nebulae. It is many times a day that I have to double check, rotate my view to be against a darker background, and anyone who plays zoomed into their ship so close that they can see they are cloaked is playing the game horribly


Xeux. Seriously. Is remembering you’re cloaked, or spending a quarter of a second zooming in and out, to check, too much to ask for?

The module is blinking right into his face. When it stops blinking and he doesn’t notice, then who is at fault for not noticing? Is it not my responsibility for not noticing that the formerly blinking circle isn’t blinking anymore?

When other people have to point out that someone has decloaked, because the cloaker didn’t notice that the blinking circle isn’t blinking anymore, then how is it not the cloakers fault for not paying enough attention to his “duty”?

How is this not a “people issue”, instead of an UI issue?

Was it an UI issue when people didn’t notice they bought a frigate for a billion ISK via contract, because they couldn’t count the Zeros? Did CCP have to write it out the amount for them, in big letters, because it’s an UI issue, or because it’s a “people issue”?

Attention. You pay it, or you pay otherwise. No?

What is the problem just to change the colour a little bit, or to make a thicker glowing edge?
I have similar problems with the overheating modules. It’s very faint to see on active modules.

Other color, or thicker edge is 5 minutes effort, if at all.


To even bring this up, while the game is so unstable that people are unable to log in - is at best accinine.

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I’m with you on this… I don’t understand how this thread is drawing so much fire… and in the future, if you’re going to call someone asinine, at least spell it correctly. Bownhhed.

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You’re asking others to put effort into something, while you’re not willing to put effort into it. There is a blinking thing that tells you if you’re cloaked, or if you aren’t. What is the problem with simply looking at your screen? Stop evading the question and at least admit that you fail at being self responsible!

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I’ve lost ships because I was watching some battle action and didn’t realize I had somehow gotten uncloaked. While the naysayers say “pay attention, stupid”, we don’t have to pay attention to shields or armor reaching critical failure without an audible warning.

I would posit being uncloaked is as critical a situation as the danger of losing a ship’s protective layer. Even more so when flying a paper thin recon frigate.