Better cloaked indication

Cant it be both?

I don’t always agree when ccp ‘dumb down’ things, but I don’t usually disagree when already existing information is made more clear.

I feel like it should be pretty clear when a players ship uncloaks. And when I’ve been in cloaky gangs, the first i see that I’ve uncloaked is often because a fleet mate has told me so rather than noticing myself. This is genuinely common practice in cloaky gangs because it is so easy to miss.

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I guess you’re going to ignore the post that mentions that the color indicator can be difficult to see against some backgrounds?

Was it an UI issue when people didn’t notice they bought a frigate for a billion ISK via contract, because they couldn’t count the Zeros?

Yes, that was a textbook UI issue. The person bought a contract that they never would have accepted if they had read the price correctly. The fact that this was happening at a significant rate, and no longer happens now that the presentation of the numbers has changed, says that this was a case of the UI doing a poor job of giving the player accurate information.

Honestly, I sometimes forget that I’m cloaked and don’t realise till I get a confirmation window about it but my habbit is to always cloak if I can. Early wormhole life taught me a lot of that and it just became a thing to just do.

As for the UI, we have to note that color blindness and other visual impairments have to be taken into account and I welcome a discussion on changing the UI to help improve the experience for those members of the player base, just by changing the UI to help show something better will not “dumb down” the game either and has been done in the past with good results.

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No, it says that masses of people weren’t reading the numbers correctly, because they didn’t even try. Be it because they’re too dumb, be it because they’re not taking the time required to do so, or because they’re drunk, it was definitely a “people” issue. The number was on screen, clear as can be.

The reason was that people did not take the time required to make sure they’re actually seeing the number they believe they should be seeing. Not an UI issue at all, in no way or form. The reason why the UI change helped was because the very people, glancing only at the number, can now just glance at the spelled out one instead. That is the reason why spelling it out reduced the number of idiots falling for it. It’s because it demands less brian power to glance over text than numbers. That’s not an UI issue, it’s a people issue.

So should CCP now go through each and every single possible combination where the two might mix in a way that some (and it is just that. Some!) people might be having a hard time looking at them? Okay! Rotating the camera is too hard, I see!

You’re probably right and there should at least be an audible warning for decloaking. What will happen then is that people will be complaining that they didn’t hear it, because it’s not annoying enough. You know it.

I am complaining about this, because I can see it as a people issue. You people simply have set your standards so low that you think that whenever someone fails at something, it clearly must be the fault of the environment. You’ve stopped seeing all these people issues, because everyone just keeps blaming everything else but themselves. People just suck more and more, because things are made in ways that require less and less brian power to process. That’s something less and less people nowadays seem to be willing to accept. It’s much easier to assume the fault lies somewhere else.

CCP should not support those who fail to spend enough brain power on essentials. It literally lowers the bar for everyone. Everyone’s turning dumber, because everyone requires less brain power to do something. Same goes for the contracts, as mentioned above. Supporting people, who lacked the brain power to comprehend the number they’ve read, is stupid. It prevents making people, too dumb to play, from dropping out or improving. It literally prevents something useful.

Same goes for the warning you get when you forget the cargo of a distribution mission. Again, a people issue. People who forget the cargo and take ten jumps only to notice they’ve forgotten said cargo deserve having to make the trip again, so they learn.

Why should those, who fail to read a number properly, not be punished?
Why should those, who fail to put stuff into their cargo bay, not be punished?
Why should those, who fail to notice that the cloak dropped, not be punished?

Why do these people deserve having their hands held, even though these things clearly are people issues, not game issues? Why should they not be punished for failing at things most others don’t seem to be having problems with?

So, to put this into a more practical perspective:

Okay! Why did you fail at noticing you’ve decloaked, despite it being clearly visible that the module isn’t blinking anymore?

Nope. That’s a lazy UI designer blaming the user instead of the interface. If a significant number of people are making a mistake and that mistake stops happening when the UI is made clearer then it was a UI problem. The only reason this is at all controversial is that lazy minimal-effort scammers whined and cried about losing their easy ISK and having to do actual social engineering work to scam people.

So should CCP now go through each and every single possible combination where the two might mix in a way that some (and it is just that. Some!) people might be having a hard time looking at them?

Yes. That is exactly what good UI design is about. Of course you are supposed to consider all use cases for your UI and make sure that it is still clear and effective. That level of effort is what separates good UI work from kind of adequate UI work.

Fair question. I don’t know how i failed to see it. Like you say, probably just not paying attention enough to it. Perhaps i was dscanning or checking info on peeps in local.

But what i can say for certain is that when a ship decloaks there is a very distinct purple/blue/green/red/white ship icon popping up on the hud, maybe even the overview as well, for everyone except the decloaking pilot themselves.

It seems counter intuitive to me that the decloaked person has the most subtle of notifications.

I am aware that this is situational. One ship decloaking in the middle of a fleet fight is obviously the reverse. But in my experience the vast majority of cloaky use is in micro gang or solo work.

If the cloak icon had a more distinctive flashy red when it’s been involuntarily decloaked i think it would be better overall and my gang mates wouldn’t need to break comms to be like:

daichi you have decloaked

Against some backgrounds I am physically unable to see the cloaked indicator. If we could have the faint green glow AND the white module ring, that would solve the issue for me. Most ships are hard to see when zoomed out even a little bit - looking at the ship is not a viable way to confirm that I am still cloaked. However, as others have noted, this “issue” should not be a high priority; the crappy indicator contributes to the general danger/risk of the Eve universe so is not necessarily a bad thing.

I have come up with the perfect solution.

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Perhaps you should just pay attention to what you’re doing.

Strongly disagree. EVE’s danger should come from the fact that other players are trying to kill you (and oppose your goals in other ways outside of combat), not from poor interface design.

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My friend died because of it and I got into bad situation because of it too.

I am talking about the module activation lag issue, especially when you are performing mwd-cloak trick. Sometimes, and no my connection is very good it is not on my side thanks for asking, you press F1 to activate cloak, then the module icon is not displaying that it was activated properly, so you panic and press it again because you thought there was a lag and the key being pressed was not sent to server or you made error and didn’t pressed it or w/e. 1 second later the cloak icon already shows the cooldown and you are not cloaked.

In this case it was not actually a lack of clarity, it simply didn’t show it at all. But yeah, if you are doing mwd-cloak and you don’t see the cloak activation because of poor visibility/clarity it can screw you and it has nothing to do with you remembering you pressed cloak or not.

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Don’t panic, have courage, grow a pair?

Code can’t fix pixel cowardice.


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z0ra Berg dying to choke themselves on CCPs fat shaft is drawing fire tho? i mean i guess you’re not wrong.

So you are the problem, not the game.

good for you…

If you think… Obviously you are the member of the “bad UI and lack of clarity is good for the game because it helps destruction” camp. I strongly oppose this. At least if you guys were consistent and didn’t demand a refund anytime you lost ships because of EVE server issues. Because those are also good for the game, no?

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So from a WHers point of veiw, there are several times you may not notice your uncloaked. When looking at a WH you are either scouting or keeping eyes on you may be sevral hundred KM away and focused on the WH so you dont see your ship cloaked or uncloaked. The indicator while it is functional to a degree is not the most effective tbh, this is where sometimes a player has to pay a little bit more attention.

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