No targeting delay after decloak for cruiser hulls

The frigate hull that can target with no delay after dropping cloak are stealth bombers.
The battleship hull that can target with no delay after dropping cloak are blackOps
The cruiser hull that can target with no delay after dropping cloak are the…

I propose Pilgrim, Falcon, Arazu, and Rapier to have no targeting delay after decloak.
My raven was equipped with the following:

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Enforcer and other Recon ship already have that bonus, as the Covert-OP frigates.

Stealth Bombers are destroyers, not frigates

what is missing is the BattleCruiser stealth ships

Incorrect. Stealth bombers are frigates. They are in the frigate tree, they get frigate bonuses, they have the frigate icon, and their wrecks are titled “empire Elite Frigate”.

Currently there are no cruisers that do not have a targeting delay after decloak. Even the Enforcer has a 5-second delay.


yep, last time i checked my manticore was a frigate, not a destroyer.

I’m like four days away from Cloaking V. What a painful commitment it’s been to train up that one. Is it a big jump to have that? I feel like I missed two kills yesterday due to not having that precious little bit extra when I was cruising around in my Tengu.

just another 10% delay in targeting after you uncloak… Most things i see says IV is sufficient for specialists like tengu…

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Well now I am elite :laughing:


yip you’re correct I was thinking of another ship.

well that adds the Destroyer line to the BattleCruiser that has no cloak options with zero delay

it is possible to get it below the default 5 seconds. Sensor Recalibration Time 4.25 s

Targeting Systems Stablillzer II and lvl5 Cloaking get the Covert Ops Claocking Device II to that.

Running 2 TSS II RIGS will drop it to 3.61 seconds

Stealth bombers are made for hit and run attacks, with a targeting delay they could get blapped long before doing damage and a primary usecase would be gone.

Black Ops have their scan resolution holding them back, because they can’t fit a covert cloak and get a penalty on top of already bad stats.

The cruisers you mention have strong ewar bonuses and act as force multipliers. On top of that they can open cynos aswell, removing the targeting delay would make them OP.

I think you just want your cyno ships to be able to tackle reliably.


imagine a catalyst with 8 torpedoes :yum:

I propose that black ops and cov ops can target while cloaked and fire upon decloaking. The fact they cant was an alarmingly carebear thing i ran into. Was that some sort of carebear nerf that happened years ago?

target locking should kill cloak as its an active ping on target, as i see it nothing wrong with how it currently works as it takes into account server timing.


The targeting delay of the various cloaky ships is well balanced.

Black ops battleships may have no targeting delay but do have very slow targeting due to being a battleship with a regular cloak. Also, they cannot warp cloaked so they’re terrible for hunting.

Bombers are the only reasonable hunting option without targeting delay. Their special lack of targeting delay is also the only reason to use a bomber as hunter.

Let’s take a look at different hunters:

Stealth bomber
+no targeting delay
-paper tank

Exploration frigate
+really fast
-paper tank

+powerful EWAR
+decent tank
+can escalate to capitals with regular cyno
-more expensive than the frigates

+very flexible in fits
+bonused combat probes
+good tank
-most expensive option

Sure, the ‘no targeting delay’ of bombers is nice, but people catch plenty of ships with a small targeting delay. And if you notice the target you’re after is paying enough attention (flying aligned and warping off immediately upon decloak) then you could consider using a bomber. Otherwise the other options are often better.

Personally I like the T2 explorers. Zooming around in a cheap nullified frigate at 10AU/s, fast align and fantastic cloaked speed to get into position on grid means they make great scouts. But if you put a scram and cyno on it, you can accidentally catch some targets while scouting. :yum:

(It does have a targeting delay though, but 0 targeting delay isn’t needed to catch most people.)


Have you asked your bomber, maybe it identifies as a destroyer?


Destroyers aren’t meant to hide. To quote Steppenwolf:

“Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space”

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