Killing an Interdictor

If there was an interdictor who just dropped a probe on a fleet and then cloaked to go away, what can be done about it? Battlecruisers can’t really lock on in time. If they make up most of the fleet, most of the fleet can’t really do anything. An interceptor with boosted strength can. How about the t1 destroyers? I don’t think any of them can get a lock in time, but the interdictor can’t exactly warp away after dropping a warp disrupt probe and unless they use a faction cloak, any of the t1 destroyer should be able to get within 2 km right?

Decloak it? Burn a ship towards where the dictor cloaked with drones out. Even with the one MWD cycle, they are sitting ducks.


Think about whether it’s worth to go after it. Assuming the bubble intend was to slow you down …

Best idea. Problem is having a pilot in fleet at the time ready for something like this to happen.

I was the 1st one in our corp to train dictors simply because I could never hope to match the dps of more sp’ed members. (before skill inj) So I trained into other ships that could help the fleet instead. It a no glory job till you catch/decloak/F up the incoming threat somehow.

Being the plumber in your fleet is an underappreciated job, but everyone’s happy when the ■■■■ hits the fan.

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What if an out of corp friend wants to join a fight but considers getting on a dictor killmail more important than getting on the killmail of anything else? If I invite him on 10 fights and he doesn’t get get his chance eventually (either by him tackling the dictor or if we have a ship decloak it and then he just goes pew pew) he’s going to be unhappy.

More seriously…

Seems like you trained to be the dictor not that guy who kills them. so the situation isn’t quite the same even tough in both cases we’re talking about a non DPS role.

True in a way. I went from that to the Curse when it was still worth it.

Edit; I think it was the Blackbird next, then Curse? Can’t remember…

Battlecruisers can generally field drones, so in this situation you deploy drones and assign them to your inty pilot, who will fly in the general direction of the cloaked dictor with a giant swarm of drones following him. The large number of spread out objects in space decloaks the dictor, and the inty aggressing on the dictor causes the drones to attack. Minus one dictor.

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