Suggestion: Faction Scan Arrays

So…most modules have a faction variant. I think this would be good to add for scanning arrays as well. Currently, the train to have all three of them is about 100 days so a reduced-skill (but slightly worse than T2) variant would be nice. Also, data sites are garbage and have been for a long time. I’d recommend killing two birds with one stone by introducing three new modules with the following bonuses:

SOE Scan Acquisition Array

  • Duration Bonus -8%
  • Requirements: Astrometric Acquisition IV

SOE Scan Pinpointing Array

  • Maximum Scan Deviation Modifier -8%
  • Requirements: Astrometric Pinpointing IV

SOE Scan Rangefinding Array

  • Scan Strength Bonus - 8%
  • Requirements: Astrometric Rangefinding IV

This would be a great, extremely useful (but also not OP) module. While BPs might be available from SOE LP sores, as drops, or other lore-friendly ways that make sense - the build components should come from pirate Data sites of various factions (preferably those whose relic sites are worth the least - blood raiders, serpentis), which would help solve the problem of Data sites existing & being useless.

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