Military Gamers (AMNCA) is Recruiting

We are a Corp made up of former and active US military members and we are looking to expand our ranks.

Come play spaceships with some authentic bitter vets.

We are members of the Imperium Coalition based out of Delve.
We are a PVP focused corp with a relaxed atmosphere.

The majority of members are long time players from all walks of EVE life:
F1 Monkeys, Miners/Builders/Mad Scientists, Solo PVP, WH’s, Highsec Missioning Carebear, Incursion Carebear, Marketing Jew

Applicants must be able to adapt from carebear to develop the skills necessary to effectively anchor and press F1 at the very least while flying the appropriate space ship.
(See your recruiter if you need assistance)

What we offer:
Engaged Corp leadership
Small personable group of pilots
New player friendly without any hard skill requirements
Close knit group that helps each other achieve their personal and collective space goals
Capital Production
Tech II Production
Roams/Hot Drops and a few ME-ME’s
Capital Warfare
Mining/Ratting (This is Delve; you will be rich)

We play the game for fun and to chill.

New to the game? Military background? Don’t get lost in crowd as another no name in some mega corp; come join us.

We require a full API of all characters and accounts.

Please contact Justin Spacemonkey via EVEmail to set up an interview.

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