MimirTech LF Lost Pods


MimirTech is a group of friendly veterans (some more so than others), looking to expand our group of lowsec squatters. We shoot rats, we shoot players (with varying degrees of success), we shoot each other (for daily alpha injectors), we shoot rocks, we shoot the ■■■■, and we shoot for the stars!

MimirTech is lead by a team of veteran players who have lived in lowsec for years. We are looking to add more players to our group so that we can attain loftier objectives. MimirTech provides helpful services to its members with the goal of expansion and personal wealth.

Service Programs

  • Ship Replacement
  • Alpha Support
  • Hauling
  • Market Services

What we need from you

  • Commitment to growing your personal wealth
  • Attending MimirTech organized operations when possible
  • Working towards MimirTech ship fittings
  • Helping secure additional income sources

Application Prerequisites

  • Working microphone
  • TS3/Discord
  • Not a spai
  • Willingness to venture into dangerous space

Ingame Public Chat: LowsecTech


Contact one of our recruiters: Kenji Yazria, Myopic Thyne

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Wasup Kenji,

You guys interested in NS?

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