Miners / Industrialist AUTZ PRIME + US/EUTZ

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Templar Consortium is seeking individuals or a group who are interested in joining a well established low sec coalition and jump into the mining of moons and alliance level production. The Coalition has members from all TZ’s however primes are USTZ and AUTZ.

You will have access to a large variety of subcap / capital bpo’s, industry structures, high sec and low sec moons with an attractive buy back program, Ships Replacement Programs as well as the opportunity to learn and participate in small and medium scale PVP if so desired.

What we ask for in return is a friendly attitude, willingness to participate and appreciation that family and real life does come first. If you are seeking high intensity action packed pew pew 24/7 this definitely isn’t the corp for you.

If you would like further details or have any questions please feels free to contact myself here, mail me ingame or join the discord server https://discord.gg/r48BhBp

to the top, still looking

up we go discord added

bump for today, still recruiting come join us on discord!!

Your discord link is showing as invalid but I am interested in learning more

That is my bad, link updated.

Still looking for pilots’s!

todays bump, still looking for pilots!

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