Mini3 wants you to come rage null

#1 - 2017-01-19 22:54:37 UTC | Edited by: Atruin Damarcus
No matter where your playstyle takes you, Eve is truly about the people with which you interact and spend time with. If you enjoy the people you are playing this game with, then even the most boring and monotonous tasks in Eve can be done with a smile and laughter.

If you are interested in being part of a corporation as it grows and in participating in small gang to coalition sized warfare, we offer an abundance of PVP opportunities. When it is time to replace those ships you sacrificed, do it in style with friends. If this is something you are interested in, then drop into “Minion Public” Channel and have a chat with us, or send me a Mail.

What we Offer

  • Family First Attitude
  • Mining Operations (Boosted)
  • Industry/Manufacturing (Large Scale)
  • Ship Replacement Plan
  • USA / AUS Timezone(other times zones accepted{alliance is huge})
  • Regular PVP (Small Roams to Cap Ops)
  • Billions in Ore Buy back !!!
  • Paps for caps program
  • Newbro Mentorship in a variety of fields.

What we’re looking for

  • At least 6 Mill SP
  • Able to get on coms(ts3)
  • Miners and industry folk
  • Combat folk
  • A willingness to at least learn basic PVP
  • Atleast 6 Fleets Paps a month

We hope to hear from you.

Still seeking players


Bump for an awesome corp!

Still looking for good peeps

To the top. Always looking for good people!

Always looking for good people!

Were Recruiting Again!

Come on into minion public and have a chat with us.
we love newer bros and old hats alike!

Calling all indy players!

Still Recruiting

Now with mentorship program!

Stil Recruiting

come on down to the pub folks

Still seeking applicants

come on down to the public channel!

still recruiting, come say hello

still recruiting

Come on down to the pub! :slight_smile:

Still Recruitin!