Mining support fleet with a Porpoise


In terms of mining fleet support, at how many Exhumers should I use Porpoise(I live in a C3 where we roll our connections when we are going to clear our sites).
Like, I can field 3x Exhumers. At these numbers is it worth going Porpoise + 2xExhumers or should I stick with 3x Exhumers.

Thank you.

Last time I checked, extra exhumer versus Porpoise is about equal for yield at 2 characters with max skills.

At 3 characters you really want to put one of the three in a boosting ship.

Yield may not be the only consideration though. The Porpoise also brings other utility (large ore hold, compression, remote repairs), and risks when you choose to use the industrial core.


In terms of pure yield, a max skill Porpoise (with the Mining Foreman Mindlink) boosting 2 barges/exhumers is better than 3 unboosted barges/exhumers. However, fielding a Porpoise has extra liabilities and extra advantages that you should also consider.


-Porpoises are more likely to die to a gank because they can’t warp off at a moment’s notice if they are sieged up.

-Porpoises require Heavy Water to siege and charges to activate their boosts, which means you will need to bring these things in from a market unless you can produce them yourself.

-Porpoises are exceptionally good at transporting both compressed and uncompressed ore, since their Mining Hold contains as much as a DST. They can also reduce the size of the materials you have to transport (for gas and non-moon rocks). This extra transportation utility may allow you to field Hulks instead of Mackinaws.

-Porpoises are considerably more expensive than t1 mining barges, similar in price to an exhumer without ORE Strip Miners, and considerably cheaper than exhumers with ORE Strip Miners. They may be the most expensive or least expensive part of your mining operation.

-Any additional accounts past the third are vastly more effective since you’ve already paid for the booster. Going up to four, five, or twenty accounts is much easier if you have a character trained into mining command ships. Extra accounts only need to train for the exhumer and a few core skills, and then you can extract skills from them after that point.


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