Mining Tool Help Reprocessing

I am a returning player years ago we had mining tools like Evemon and that still around but what was the name of the mining tools there was one you could add 1 mil spag in the field and it will tell you what you will get on reprocessing this is what I am looking for.

I think you’re probably either thing about the excellent and indispensable ore tables that were created by Cerlestes, or maybe the Reprocessing Calculator created by Acid Kanshi?


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there were other apps or programs and ore tables I never used was around the time of evemon and evecost was very simple how I explained in the post

that might be updated, but check and see if any of those would be what you are looking for…

what im looking for is downloaded program i can use even if old

Look for it then. I gave you a list that some are downloaded

think i found it on what u gave me

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