Mining Under the Influence

About us

We are a “real life always comes first” community who started as a teaching corporation for newbies and returning players.

Now we are looking to expand our player base to all casual, mature and decent players out there while also giving opportunities for those who want to be more involved with a community of space friends or want to transition to a full nullsec experience.

What are we looking for?

Newbies willing to play, learn and have fun in a positive environment (we are still a teaching corporation)
Casual players who want to do mining, explo, ratting or other PvE activities in highsec or nullsec
Veterans who want to teach the activities they like and share them with new (and not so new) players
People who want to get involved in a community, contributing their bit by doing what they like and helping when possible
If you are a decent person who meets at least one of these characteristics, Mining Under the Influence is for you if you wana join go to Mining Under the Influence

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