Minmatar Starter PvP-Pilot - 22,6 mil Sp

22.6 mil Sp, 1 mil of which are unallocated
Located in Highsec and in NPC-Corp (might not show yet - just left the corp)
Wallet is positive
No Killrights
No Jumpclones
Mid-Grade Crystal Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta

4 Remaps 1 regular, 3 bonus

Aiming for 16b B/O, might accept lower offers as time passes.


Looking for just a little more, but as written in my initial message - as time passes, i might accept your 14bil :slight_smile:

What is your current attribute allocation?

14.5b bid


This is the current attribute allocation.


@Lydie_Makilumm That’s a deal then :slight_smile:

New Years Eve preparations are fully running and we have guests coming in 20 minutes. I have to make a run for the bank later today if i can manage it timewise. Otherwise, would you be okay with the transfer starting a little later after the celebrations?

Just as a heads up before you transfer any isk :slight_smile:

If you’re okay with that, transfer it to me (Mighty Bk)
and let me know the account name via ingame mail and i will start the transfer as soon as i possibly can.

how does it works? I transfer the isk to Mighty Bk ?


I also need the account name which you use to login.

Dont write the account name here, send it ingame via Evemail. :slight_smile:

Ok for me i will transfer the isk and send the mail ingame…


I will tag you here and send you an ingame mail when i started the transfer.

Isks and mail sends


Transfer is in progress. This takes 10 hours, 1 of which has passed, so 9 hours left. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice! Ingame email not received !

Yes, Sorry for that. I started the transfer and can’t login during that time - so no way to send an ingame mail :confused:

Ok no pb !

Character receiv ! Transfer done ! Thanks you ! :slight_smile:

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