Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missile Tech II BPO Sale

I have the Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missile. It is fully researched 10/20. It is in a high sec NPC station.

  1. Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missile Tech II BPO

Starting: Bid 5bil (with a reserve)
B/O : 30bil

I will be unable to log into the game after 31 October 2018 12pm Eve time for 5 days so the BPO will be placed on contract to the winning bidder when I return.

I will have access to the forums to answer any questions.

I’ll open with 5b.

6b offer

10 bil

12 bil


14 bil

Please remember I have no access to the game until Sunday. So if you have messaged me in game my lack of a response is not due to rudeness.


Trying to log into game as just back but now having login issues!!!

14.5 bil

BO in game mail accepted. Many thanks for your interest

Time wasters and scammers grrrrrr…

BPO back on auction for 48hrs. Now in Jita 4-4.

Current bid 14.5bil
B/Out still 30bil

14,8B B/O

15 bil

17 bil

Auction over Lord Fugger you are a winner.

Message me in game to confirm the name of the character to contract the BPO to.

is it sold? otherwise i offer 16B

17.5. Please contact me in game.

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