**WTS** T2 Mjolnir rage rocket BPO MAXED

(Pe Baby) #1

Mjolnir rage rocket BPO

Tech 2 BPO

Fully Researched

Not looking for a quicksale this is a extremely rare highly sort after item and I will be holding out for the right price, feel free to PM me or put a offer in here

(Atridies) #2

I’ll offer 5b

(bampe) #3

6 Bill

(Pe Baby) #4

Sorry guys im looking for 10x that xD

(Atridies) #5

Gonna be a long look!

(Pe Baby) #6

Yea like I said bud I’m not looking for a quick sale I want what its worth :slight_smile:

(Atridies) #7

ohhh, you’re after what it’s worth? 7.5b :slight_smile:

(Pe Baby) #8

If you say so, Please stop commenting on my post if your just going to troll

(hajduk21) #9

either you state price for that item or you go to auction thread…read forum rules

(Atridies) #10

That’s not trolling, small ammo BPO’s typically sell for between 5 and 20B. Since yours is an EM missile (not a kinetic or thermal), it’s on the lower end of that scale. Also, the sales volume is about 1/10 of what the print can make daily, so it’s not in the least bit profitable, which brings it even lower.

Tell me again what you think it’s worth and at least justify it a liiittle bit instead of just the generic “highly valuable and sought after”?

(Sarah Vanessa) #11

i am gonna open it with 9.5bil :relaxed:

(Panteraa) #12

I’ll offer what I paid for my Inferno rage rocket bpo: 10b

Anything higher than that and you’re dreaming

(Zahara Cody) #13

10.5 bil

(Panteraa) #14

No thank you

(system) #15

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