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Hi Alia,

I am what time zone do you mostly operate in?

Thanks for your help,


Hey @Rocksey_Snow

We mostly operate in EU and US time zones however we have people spread far and wide! :slight_smile:

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51 mill Sp character. Mostly PvP with some mining. Thinking of coming back from quitting back in 2011ish. I’ve looked through a few things with alpha clone and a lot has changed, so I haven’t committed to omega yet. EST time zone. I’ll stop by the channel next day or two. Need to find my Mic too

Hey @Xerith

Stop by in our public channel at any point and we will answer any questions you have!
Its not a problem if you dont want to commit to omega :slight_smile:

I sent you an email giving a brief description of what was going on. I’ll hit you guys up tomorrow when I get in from work. Probably around about this time. Thanks.

We are still recruiting!

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We’re still recruiting

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