Mods Please remove, transaction complete



The current bid is 30 bill buyout is 34 bill


Focused Caldari JF + Transport Ship

Yet again I’m still available for sale

And STILL the best that’s available

I’d take that 30 if I were you, profit from extract and sell is less than 24b!

Bump! Want to reiterate, looking for focused toons without excess SP in non-relevant skills. Prefer Caldari or Amarr JF/Industrial skills.
*edit: Also, no games. I’m not going to lowball you with a extraction price, but I’m also not going to pay a 10billion premium over extraction on a toon with 25mil sp.

mail me if your interested

@trance_travel i eve mailed you

Can Fly Black OPS
can fly Freighter
can fly Jump Freighter
Exelent PVP Pilot
Can Fly Orca


not alot of indy but food jump freighter and pvp pilot



im Still up for Sale

Hi there, I have one JF pilot for sale see “7 of 7”

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