Mordus Angels Wants you!


  • Who we are, what we do, what we are about, and why we have so much fun all these years while being masters of our own destiny.

  • What we have is plenty of PvP with multiple roams per day in one of the most target-rich environments; BLOPS & skirmish warfare specialists; Missions in 00 in faction space; Plexing and LPs in 00; Faction Station Base in Pure Blind Region, sov taken from CFC falling empire, richness of Deklein space etc etc.

Mordus Angels is looking for prosperous CORPS that wish to join us:

  • Part of growing successful coalition across multiple regions - GOTG
  • Null access with RESTRICTED standings with ALLIES, plenty of targets
  • Sov, stations, assets taken from Goonies and expanding.
  • SRP - ship replacement program in place
  • PvP, Independence, ISK making, ratting, plexing
  • min 20 peeps corps with active leadership required
  • We fly from destroyers all the way to T3 cruisers, faction BSs, capitals, supers
  • We strive for relaxed PVP experience trying to AVOID massive TIDI infested situations where possible
  • We operate entire alliance and coalition via discord and tokens - hence required.

Simple requirements for potential members:

  • You must be coming to primarily PVP with us.
  • You must have comms that work and be able to practice good comms discipline.
  • You must be on Discord to get notifications of juicy fleets or kills.
  • You must be prepared to participate in the furthering of alliance objectives (join fleet! and have fun)
  • You must be self sufficient in ships and resources.
  • You must have enough SP or training towards to fly our critical doctrine ships.

If you want to hear more or are looking to apply then:

  • Join in-game “DTAS HR” channel to start your application process.

Some other info for you to browse:

# Independence is a Luxury

Fly safe!

lets start again :sunglasses:

ready . . set . . . . GO!!!

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