60 Squadron - - NullSec - Mordus Angels

60 Squadron Is A Nullsec corporation within Mordus Angels.

We are a nullsec corporation within Mordus Angels.
Our Primary Focus is PVP, Also Enjoy all Areas of EvE.
We are a tight knit group that work together to enjoy the game.
Pilots with a mature attitude and a desire for strong leadership are always welcome here in 60 Squadron.

What We Can offer you:

  • *>Fleets of all sizes from small skirmish PVP to large scale coalition brawl’s
  • *>Regular PvP: Daily fleets formed with corporation / Alliance
  • *>Active Teamspeak3 Server / Discord. https://discord.gg/FJBW4yP
  • *>Chilled laid-back environment
  • *>Money Making opportunities
  • *>Corporation / Alliance Mining Ops.
  • *>BlackOps Fleets

What we require from you>

  • *>Basic English Skills (written and spoken)
  • *>Interest in Corp/Alliance Activities
  • *>5 Million Skill points.
  • *> Maturity
  • *> Respect for Alliance/ Blues.
  • *>Join Discord. / Forums

Looking For: Members to join our growing team to enjoy the game together.

If you are interested. Please join our In game channel 60 Squad Or join our discord sever.


Welcome, we are open for recruitment.

Join our team and become a better pilot.

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