Angel Fighters, Active nullsec corp seeking members[TRAD]

Angel Fighters, an indy company that bites back that’s within The Trade Consortium nullsec alliance. We do a bit of everything from munching on them asteroids to small gang PVP to defending our space and our allies from those that deem hostile. If you meet the requirements, send that application in and I will get you sorted into the corp. We are based in the humble angel cartel region of Feythabolis.


-R16, R32, R64 moon goo
-krystallos ice
-Vermillion Cytoserocin gas
-WH Daytripping fleet OPs
-small gang PVP
-full scale Black OPs


-able to use mining barges
-able to fly HACs or training into HACs


-90% Jita Evepraisal Buyback
-50/50 payout on DED escalations and loot pinata finds for fleet OPs

The Trade Consortium come say hi if you be interested in joining. The corp itself is USTZ.

Bump, actively recruiting members to join in on the fun

Bump, Multiboxing encourage for our mining operations. \o/
Join now to join in something new and exciting

Bump The Trade Consortium be the place to be

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