[USTZ] Hell AngelZ[NRDS Alliance] seeking corps+members

Hell AngelZ is a NRDS nullsec alliance based in Tenerifis. Being a Not Red Dont Shoot alliance, we refine on who actually be a threat to us and to our allies. Being the new face in Tenerifis, we seek active 10+ heartbeat corporations to join in on our soon to be fun operations. We got R16s up to R64s to daily mine as well as excellent Angel Cartel ratting space.

We are also seeking members to join our executor corp DeltaForce as well. DeltaForce being PVP driven, Indy backed corporation where the heart of the operations will take place.


-R16s-R64s to munch up
-excellent ratting pocket with 2 systems being -7s for them Havens and Sanctums
-content literally next door in both Catch and Feythabolis
-Fleet SRP program
-Alliance Buyback program
-Alliance owned indy park in the making
-soon to be JF service
-Daily Alliance fleets from boosting compressing mining fleets to Dreadbombing vital targets

Corp Requirements:

-10mil SP
-Battlecruisers with or training into T2 M Projectiles and T2 M Missiles
-have at least ears to listen to commands on DISCORD

With BattleFronts on our doorstep with Imperium declining the renewal of the SEA Agreement, it will be vital to hold steadfast.

DeltaForce be the link to our humble adobe. We also do Star Citizens and Planetside 2 as well.