Angel Fighters, the new kid in Angel SOV seeking PVP and Mining Boiz

Horde from the north

Initiative from the south

FIRE is being evicted and with that in mind, I Zia Alexander extend my hand out to any english FIRE members wishing to stay in the wonderful mining and ratting SOV territories of the Angel Cartel.

Planning on either settling in ONE of the following pockets once FIRE be no more from those pockets:

YZKE-Q pocket[Feythabolis]

RHG pocket[Feythabolis]

RTCU-5 pocket[Immensea]

If interested in my operations AS a corp/alliance member, NOT as an audience, then hmu on my alliance discord Renegade . USTZ


-daily mining fleets

-SOV Warfare, settling down the alliance and aiding our new neighbors in gaining their own pockets.

-moon goo

-small gang action

-Black OPs and Dreadbombs

-WH Daytripping

-Mercenary Action



-ability to fly T2/T3 toys to HACs

-Discord for comms



-80% Jita Evepraisal Buyback Program

-JF service

-50/50 split on all loot pinata finds/DED escalations for fleets

-Doctrine SRP to battlecruisers during PVP/Mining fleets

I will extend my hand out to anyone that be interested as well to any corps that be wanting to join in on my operations into Feythabolis/Immensea. The more, the merrier.

[Bump] If you meet my requirements then come on ahead and fill that application out. needing members to begin our operations

[Bump] taking our first steps in taking our pocket of interest in feythabolis. come join as the corp is looking to grow

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